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Surname Saturday ~ Parker


Unfortunately there are several Parker families in Middlesex County, and it is easy to confuse the descendants.  I’m related to many of the families, and many of the branches of descendants of the Parker brothers who lived in Billerica, Chelmsford and Groton.  I even have a first cousin who married one of these Parker descendants!  The only Parker I am descended from is Sarah Parker, the wife of Edward Convers.

There is an article in the NEHGS Register, Volume 153, January 1999, pages 81 - , “The English Origin and Ancestry of the Parker Brothers of Massachusetts and their Probable Aunt, Sarah Parker, Wife of Edward Converse”, by Doug Richardson that outlines much of the genealogy of the extended Parker family.   This is the best literature for untangling the Parker brothers.   However, please remember that there were other Parkers in Middlesex County, including Thomas Parker of Reading.   The NEHGS online library card catalog lists over 120 books and manuscripts for Parkers.

This is the first time I will do a Surname Saturday post showing several generations of the English origins of an immigrant ancestor.  Since professional genealogists have done all the work, I feel safe that this is the lineage of Sarah Parker.

Parker Genealogy:

Generation 1:  John Parker, husbandman, born about 1525 in England, buried on 29 May 1581 in Great Burstead, Essex, England; married to Margaret Unknown before 1533 in England.  In his will he left two houses, one to his son, and one to his two daughters Sarah and Mary.  He also bequeathed a sheep to each of his two living grandchildren by his daughter Anne.

Three children:
1. Anne, born about 1553, married Thomas Dore on 28 July 1573 in Great Burstead
2. John Parker (see below)
3. Sarah Parker
4. Mary Parker

Generation 2: John Parker, born about 1560, buried 5 August 1613 in Great Burstead; married to first to Unknown and had four children; married second to Mary Ashels or Wheeler on 9 October 1606 in Great Burstead.    John is named in his mother, Margaret’s, will proved 9 September 1594. 
Four children by Unknown:
1. John, born about 1587, died after 1630, married Ann Unknown, six children. Came to Massachusetts
 2. Alice, born about 1590, married George Payne on 12 July 1609 in Great Burstead
 3. James, born about 1594, married Joan Coker on 14 August 1616 in Great Burstead. Came to Massachusetts
 4. Sarah, born about 1596 in England (see below)

One child by Mary:
1. Joseph Parker, baptized on 9 August 1607

Generation 3: Sarah Parker, born about 1596 in England, buried 13 June 1625 in South Weald, Essex, England; married on 29 June 1624 in Great Burstead to Edward Converse, born 20 January 1590 in Navestock, Essex, England, died 10 August 1663 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Six children.

Generation 4: Sergeant James Converse m. Anna Long
Generation 5:  James Converse m. Hannah Carter
Generation 6: Robert Converse m. Mary Sawyer
Generation 7: Susanna Converse m. Caleb Simonds
Generation 8:  Ruth Simonds m. Andrew Munroe
Generation 9:  Luther Simonds Munroe m.  Olive Flint
Generation 10: Phebe Cross Munroe m.  Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 11: Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 12: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts

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  1. Lots of Parkers! Is this by any chance the origin of the Parker House in Boston, MA? As in, "Parker House Rolls"?

  2. I have no idea, Mariann! That's a great question! (Maybe another blog post if I find a connection?)