Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Samuel and Dolly Emerson, Chester, New Hampshire

These tombstones were photographed at the Chester Village Cemetery, in Chester, New Hampshire.

In Memory of 
who departed this life
Septr ye 26th AD 1793
AEtat 86
He was a perfect pattern of humanity
a worthy member of ??
?? him and died ??

Mrs Dorothy Emerson
Relict of
Samuel Emerson Esqr. 
died March 25, 1804
AEtat 83
Halt Passenger as you pass by
Remember death ??

from the book Facts relating to the early History of Chester, NH by Charles Bell, 1863, page 38,  "Samuel Emerson, Esq. was born at Haverhill in 1708 and removed to Chester in 1727 or 28.  He built a house on the spot where his son afterwards lived.  He was one of the principal lot-layers; in 1731 he was appointed the first Justice of the Peace of Chester.  The same year he was chosen Proprietor's Clerk; which office he retained over fifty years.  He was married twice; to Sarah Ayer, of Haverhill, Feb. 15, 1733.  They were admitted to the church in Chester, Feb. 8, 1741.  She d. Nov. 18, 1751.  Nov. 26, 1754, he m. Dorothy Dearborn.  Mr. Emerson had fifteen children, of whom several died young; he d. Sept. 26, 1793.  His wife d. March 25. 1804".    He was a signer of the Association Test in 1776, a town clerk of Chester, and a member of the Assembly of New Hampshire.

Samuel and Dolly's son, the Reverend John Smith Emerson (1800 - 1867),  went to Waialua, on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian islands as a missionary.  He is a distant cousin to my 3x great grandmother, Mary Katherine (Emerson) Batchelder (1847 - 1932).   You can read all about his life and see his tombstone at his church in Haleiwa, Hawaii at this link at my blog:

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  1. Your Hawaiian connection originates with a missionary, then. I'm getting clear on that. Like the inscription also: "He was a perfect pattern of humanity."

    1. At the same time John Emerson went to Waialua, my great aunt several genearations removed went to Honolulu. Her name was Mary Jones, and she married Capt. John Dominis. Her sister died before arriving in Hawaii, but her husband remarried and had a big family there (Holt). Aunt Mary's son, Governor John Owen Dominis (my first cousin, some generations removed), married Queen Liliuokalani. They didn't know they were related (My Jones great great great grandmother, sister to Mary, had an Emerson granddaughter) but the missionary church in Waialua became the Queen Liluokalani church. The Dominis/Jones connection to the Queen is the research that started this blog in 2009!