Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Books for Christmas ~ Santa was very generous!

Just before Christmas some of Santa's helpers delivered some very, very heavy boxes to our doorstep.  I promised not to peek, and I was rewarded with some wonderful surprises under the Christmas tree.  Just wait until you scroll down to the bottom to see what was in the last box! 

Santa brought both Pioneers books by Charles Henry Pope, published over 100 years ago but still a valuable resource for ancestors in early Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.  When I started my genealogy research 35 years ago, these Pioneers books were some of the first books I used as reference for my research, before The Great Migration series of books were written.

The Pioneers of Massachusetts is available online at this link:

These books were just for fun!  Ghosts and Legends of the Merrimack Valley should be a good beach read, and the New Hampshire Revolutionary War book will be a good reference.

Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy -
This one will come in handy because Jewish genealogy is completely new to me! 

I was so happy to recieve both of Maureen Taylor's "Last Muster" books. 
 I hope I can have her autograph them the next time I see her.

This is a newer 2011 book about Mary (Wilson) Wallace, who was born at sea while her parents were on their way to the early Scots Irish settlement at Nutfield in 1720.  I heard all about it on Marian Pierre-Louis's online radio show Fieldstone Common.  You can hear the interview at this link:

I am a distant relation to Mehetable Chandler Coit, the subject of this book
I also heard about this book at Fieldstone Common at this link:

This book looks good, too!  I might read it first... 

Last, but certainly not least! 
The entire seven volume set of The Great Migration:  Immigrants to New England 1634 -1635,
by Robert Charles Anderson

These are the books I use almost every week when I write up my Surname Saturday posts, and I refer to these books many times for other blog stories. The Great Migration books are available at most good genealogy libraries, and online at the New England Historic Genealogical Society's website   Thank you, Santa, for being very generous this year! And I hope Santa's back doesn't hurt from all the heavy boxes, too. 

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  1. Did Santa also give you the gift of plenty of time for uninterrupted reading?? ;-)

    1. I'm squeezing in reading as much as I am able, John!