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Surname Saturday ~ DAGGETT of Plymouth, Watertown, and Martha’s Vineyard


John Daggett, my 11th great grandfather,  arrived in Massachusetts with the Winthrop Fleet. He arrived in Salem in 1630 and was one of the original settlers of Watertown, and had a lot next to Sir Richard Saltonstall.  He became part of Governor Thomas Mayhew’s company that settled Martha’s Vineyard, an island off Cape Cod.  His son Thomas Daggett had already settled there.  He married in Plymouth in 1667 to Bathsheba Pratt, his second wife, and he probably died there in 1673.

In the second generation, Thomas Daggett, my 10th great grandfather, married Governor Thomas Mayhew’s daughter, Hannah.  Governor Mayhew described him as “My son Doggett, that hath more language than any other Englishman upon the island and is a considerable young man.”   He was Clerk of the Courts and later a Justice of the County Courts.

In the third generation, Captain Thomas Daggett was in the town militia.  He removed to Bristol, Rhode Island for a while, but returned to Martha’s Vineyard, where he died.  The inventory of his estate showed that he owned 1,393 pounds in real estate.

There is an article about Alice Brotherton, wife of John Doggett of Martha’s Vineyard, in The American Genealogist, Volume 72, pages 89 to 102.  The sketch of John Doggett can be found in The Great Migration Begins, Volume I, pages 568 to 570.   

My DAGGETT genealogy:

Generation 1: John Daggett, born 4 October 1602 in Boxford, Suffolk, England, died in May 1673 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; married in 29 August 1622 in Marston Moretaine Bedfordshire, England to Alice Brotherton.  He married second to Bathsheba Pratt.

Generation 2: Thomas Daggett, born between 1630 and 1632 in Watertown, Massachusetts; married on 23 September 1657 in Edgartown to Hannah Mayhew, daughter of Governor Thomas Mayhew.  She was born 15 June 1635 and died 7 February 1723 in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Eleven children.  He married second to Elizabeth Humphrey and third to Joan Unknown.

Generation 3:  Captain Thomas Daggett, son of Thomas Daggett and Hannah Mayhew, born about 1658 and died 28 August 1726 in Edgartown; married on 22 January 1684 in Bristol, Rhode Island to Elizabeth Hawes.   Ten children.

Generation 4: Elizabeth Daggett, born about 1690 in Edgartown, died after 1753; married on 16 December 1708 in Edgartown to John Butler, son of John Butler and Priscilla Norton.  He was born about 1674 and died after 6 February 1754.  Six children.

Generation 5: Keziah Butler married Samuel Osborn
Generation 6: Samuel Osborn married Sarah Wass
Generation 7: Sarah Osborn married Charles Skinner
Generation 8: Ann Skinner married Thomas Ratchford Lyons
Generation 9: Isabella Lyons married Rev. Ingraham Ebenezer Bill
Generation 10:  Caleb Rand Bill married Ann Margaret Bollman
Generation 11: Isabella Lyons Bill married Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 12: Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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