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Surname Saturday ~ LYNDE of Charlestown, Massachusetts


Thomas Lynde was from Dunstable in the county of Bedfordshire in England.  He arrived in Massachusetts on the ship Griffin, along with his pregnant third wife and two sons.  The ship arrived in Boston on 18 September 1634, and the Lynde family settled in Charlestown, just across the harbor.  He was made a freeman on 4 March 1635 and was a representative to the General Court in 1636, 1637, 1646 and several more years.  He was also a selectman and deacon of the First Church in Malden.

I descend from two of Thomas Lynde’s daughters by his first wife, Elizabeth.  You can read more about Thomas Lynde in the book The Great Migration, by Robert Charles Anderson, Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2005, Volume IV, pages 369 – 378.

My LYNDE genealogy:

Generation 1: Thomas Lynde, born about 1597 in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England, died 30 December 1671 in Charlestown, Massachusetts; married first Mary Unkown;  married second to Elizabeth Unknown; married third on 8 October 1633 in Malden, Massachusetts to Margaret Martin, daughter of John Martin. One child with Mary, three children with Elizabeth, and six children with Margaret.  He married last to Rebecca Trerice on 6 December 1665 in Charlestown. 

Lineage A:

Generation 2:  Elizabeth Lynde, daughter of Thomas Lynde and Elizabeth Unknown, born between 1607 and 1610 in England; married on 26 June 1627 in Hertfordshire, England to Thomas Green, son of John Greene and Ann Scargell.  He was born 17 May 1606 in Kegworth, Leicestershire, England.  Ten children.

Generation 3:  Hannah Greene married Joseph Richardson
Generation 4: Mary Richardson married James Fowle
Generation 5: Mary Fowle married James Simonds, Jr.
Generation 6: Caleb Simonds married Susanna Converse
Generation 7: Ruth Simonds married Andrew Munroe
Generation 8:  Luther Simonds Munroe married Olive Flint
Generation 9: Phebe Cross Munroe married Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 10: Albert Munroe Wilkinson married Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 11: Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

Lineage B:

Generation 2: Mary Lynde, daughter of Thomas Lynde and Elizabeth Unknown, born about 1629, died after 1693 in Edgartown; married about 1648 to John Butler, son of Nicholas Butler and Joyce Baker.  He was born about 2 January 1625 in Dorchester, and died in 1658 in Edgartown.

Generation 3: John Butler married Priscilla Norton
Generation 4: John Butler married Elizabeth Daggett
Generation 5: Keziah Butler married Samuel Osborn
Generation 6: Samuel Osborn married Sarah Wass
Generation 7: Sarah Osborn married Charles Skinner
Generation 8: Ann Skinner married Thomas Ratchford Lyons
Generation 9: Isabella Lyons married Rev. Ingraham Ebenezer Bill
Generation 10: Caleb Rand Bill married Ann Margaret Bollman
Generation 11: Isabella Lyons Bill married Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 12: Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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