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Photo Friday ~ JS Burbank Ketchup Mill, Hooksett, New Hampshire

A thriving family-run business operated on this
site from 1888 to 1913.  John S. Burbank began
selling his wife Clara's homemade ketchup to
customers on his milk route and eventually
distributed Burbank's Tomato Ketchup throughout
New England.  In a single year 12,000 bottles
could be made from the 10,000 tomato plants
grown on the farm's 100 plus acres.  The Burbanks
also made piccalilli, mustard and applesauce.
The last building on this property, the white
clapboard farmhouse, was demolished in 1996.
Erected in 2006 by Auto-Torium

Back in the 1800s Hooksett, New Hampshire milk man John Burbank sold his wife’s jars of ketchup to his customers along his usual route.   It was so popular he went into the ketchup business and sold his product all over the region.  

This factory was located about where the Wendy’s fast food restaurant now stands on Route 3 near the intersection with the Londonderry Turnpike (Bypass Route 28).   The ketchup factory operated from 1888 to 1913.  The Burbank farmhouse was demolished in 1996.  The automobile dealer called Auto-Torium, a nearby business, sponsored the historical marker to the town of Hooksett, New Hampshire.   Hooksett has a busy historical society, and a large number of historical markers around town. This one catches my eye every time I'm driving on Route 3, so I finally stopped to get a photo.  


Generation 1:  John Burbank, son of John Burbank and Elizabeth Wilson, born about 1600 in England, died before 10 April 1683 when his will was proved; married Jemima Unknown.  He was an early settler at Rowley, Massachusetts.

Generation 2: Caleb Burbank, born 19 May 1646 in Rowley, died 25 March 1690; married on 6 May 1669 to Martha Smith, daughter of Hugh Smith.

Generation 3: Eleazar Burbank, born 14 March 1681/2 in Rowley, died 14 February 1759; married Lydia Gage

Generation 4: John Burbank, born 3 May 1722 in Bradford, died 18 September 1802; married on 20 December 1748 in Bradford to Mercy Savory.   John Burbank marched to the Lexington Alarm, 2nd Bradford Foot Company, on 19 April 1775.

Generation 5: Caleb Burbank born 30 December 1770 in Bradford,  died 27 September 1840; married Susan Morse.

Generation 6:  Savory Tenney Burbank born 4 September 1804 in Dracut, Massachusetts, died 7 February 1872 and ws buried in the Sherburne Cemetery, East Tyngsborough, Massachusetts; married first to Esther Marshall.

Generation 7:  John Savory Burbank born 21 October 1840 in Dracut, Massachusetts, died 20 February 1917 in Hooksett, New Hampshire;  married in 1872 to Clara F. Campbell, daughter of William Campbell and Mary Frances Preston.  She was born 24 May 1852 in Manchester, New Hampshire and died 14 March 1937 in Hooksett. 

Savory Tenney Burbank, b. 1873
William Campbell  Burbank, b. Hooksett 1874
Mary Frances Burbank, b. 1877
Eliza Ruby Burbank, b. 1879
Esther Josephine Burbank, b. 1882
John Calvin Burbank, b. 1884
Clara S. Burbank, b. 1866
Louisa Burbank, b. 1887
Nellie Cora Burbank, b. 1891
Clifton Eleazar Burbank, b. 1894
Howard Marshall Burbank, b. 1899
From the town of Hooksett, New Hampshire website:

The Genealogy of the Burbank Families, by George Burbank Sedgeley, Farmington, Maine: The Knowlton & McLeary Company, 1928.

The Hooksett, New Hampshire Historical Society

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  1. I'm so excited about this website. I am the great granddaughter of Savory Tenney Burbank who was born in 1873. I too grew up in Hooksett,NH.

    1. At the time I wrote this I lived in Londonderry, but now I live on the Hooksett/Manchester line.

  2. I was just reading the sign over in Hooksett, so I decided to research the Burbanks and was hoping to see an image of the building that was in Hooksett, but didn't come across one... thanks Chris

    1. I didn't find one on line either, Mr. Tonn. Try the Hooksett Historical Society?