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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Two Sisters 1695 and 1696, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This tombstone was photographed at the Point of Graves Burial Ground, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

HERE LYETH                                  HERE LYETH
YE BODY OF                                 YE BODY OF
DIED MAY YE 16                          DIED MAY YE 21
1695                                             1696
IN YE 29 YEAR                           IN YE 14 YEAR
OF HER AGE                                  OF HER AGE

In the book Historic Burial Grounds of the New Hampshire Seacoast by Glenn A. Knoblock, "William Mumford, a Quaker of Boston, carved this double gravestone.  The women were sisters, the daughters of Major Charles Frost.  Sarah married William Redford, a distinguished man who served as provincial secretary.  Major Frost was equally distinguished.  He served as a sergeantmajor for all of Maine from 1682 to 1688, and as a judge of the Common Pleas Court.  He died on July 4, 1697, as a result of an "Indian" ambush on his way home from meeting."

Major Charles Frost was born 30 July 1631 in Tiverton, Devonshire, England and died on 4 July 1697 in Berwick, Maine (just across the river from the Point of Graves).  He married Mary Bowles, daughter of Joseph Bolles and Mary Howell.  Mary's great grandparents are Henry Perkins and Elizabeth Sawbridge, my 11th great grandparents. 

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  1. Heather, do you happen to know if Charles Frost and Nicholas Frost were related? Both came from Tiverton, and Nicholas died in Kittery/Eliot. Think Charles would have been too old to be the son of Nicholas and Mary, tho they did have a son, Charles. (I go Nicholas to daughter Mary who married another one of those Leightons, William.)

    1. I have Charles Frost (1631 - 1697) as the brother of Catherine who married William Leighton, and they had a brother Nicholas, (1645 - 1673) who died in Ireland.

  2. Heather, think I hit send to soon... Catherine Frost m. William Leighton. Her father and mother were Nicholas1 Frost and Mary (Small?)