Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Seven to Save

Last week the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance announced its “2014 Seven to Save” list of historical buildings or sites worth preserving.  For the past eight years this list has raised support and awareness for endangered historic places in New Hampshire.  In many cases, this list and the awareness of these places in the media has saved these buildings from loss, demolition or ill planned renovations.

Of the over 50 structures on this list, half were saved.  Many are local buildings in southern New Hampshire, such as the First Parish Church of Derry, which was on the 2009 list, or the Derry Upper Village Hall, which was on the very first list in 2006.  Both buildings still need expensive structural renovation and restoration.  The publicity this event raises every year helps in the necessary fund raising for buildings like these.

Major success stories include the Pandora Mill in Manchester, the restored Acworth Meeting House, and the Mill Pond Dam in Durham.  According to the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance “some past listees like the Balsams in Dixville Notch and the Gas Holder in Concord still have uncertain futures.”

The announcement was made on 22 October 2014:

1.  Brown Company House, Berlin
2.  Kimball Lake Cabins, Hopkinton
3.  Hill-Lasonde House, Manchester
4. Poor Family Farm, Stewartstown
5. Bradford Town Hall, Bradford
6.  Washington Meetinghouse/Town Hall, Washington
7. Watson Academy, Epping

*8. (A bonus for 2014)  Historic Family Farms and Agricultural Landscapes, statewide

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