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Surname Saturday ~ SPARKS of Ipswich, Massachusetts


The first record about John Sparks dates from 24 July 1650 when “John Sparke” was apprenticed to Obadiah Wood “bisquit maker” (baker) in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  [“Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts”, 1911, 1:200] Obadiah Wood was married to Margaret Spark, John’s sister.  In 1664 John was a renter in half of a house owned by Thomas Bishop, an Ipswich merchant.  In this house he had a bake shop and a tavern.  When Bishop died, John had to leave this house and he bought a lot in 1671 where he set up another bakery and “ordinary” (tavern).  He received his first license to “sell beere at a penny a quart, provided he entertain no Town inhabitants in the night, nor suffer any to bring wine or liquors to be drunk in his house.”  He kept this tavern for 20 years until he sold this property to Colonel John Wainwright.  [The Early Homes of the Puritans: And Some Old Ipswich Houses, by Thomas Franklin Waters, 1997, page 49]

There is no mention of John Sparks of Ipswich in either The Great Migration series, or in the book New Englanders in the 1600s by Martin Hollick.

My SPARKS lineage:

Generation 1: John Sparks, born about 1630 probably in England, died before March 1704 in Ipswich, Massachusetts;  probably married first on 26 November 1661 in Boston to Mary Sinnet, daughter of Walter Sinnett; married second about 1666 to Mary Roper, daughter of Walter Roper and Susan Unknown. 

Generation 2:  Elizabeth Sparks, born about 1666 in Ipswich, died 10 April 1692 in Ipswich; married on 25 December 1684 in Ipswich to Jacob Perkins, son of Jacob Perkins and Elizabeth Whipple, as his first wife.

Generation 3:  Elizabeth Perkins, born 18 March 1691 in Ipswich, married David Burnham

Lineage A:

Generation 4:  David Burnham m. Elizabeth Marshall
Generation 5: Amos Burnham m. Sarah Giddings
Generation 6: Judith Burnham m. Joseph Allen
Generation 7: Joseph Allen m. Orpha Andrews
Generation 8: Joseph Gilman Allen m. Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 9: Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 10: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

Lineage B:

Generation 4: Westley Burnham m. Deborah Story

Lineage B1:

Generation 5: Westley Burnham m. Molly Woodbury
Generation 6: Henry Burnham m. Sally Poland
Generation 7: Sarah Ann Burnham m. Samuel Mears
Generation 8: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen (see above)

Lineage B2:

Generation 5: Sarah Burnham m. Abner Poland
Generation 6: Sally Poland m. Henry Burnham (see above)


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