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Surname Saturday ~ WARNER of Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Great Migration Series


The English origins of William Warner were laid out in a book The History of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass., and Their Ancestors and Descendants, by John William Linzee (Boston, 1913) but disputed by Robert Charles Anderson in his book The Great Migration, Volume VII (T-Y), pages 243 -247.  He was born about 1587 and had two children baptized in Boxted, Essex, England.  His origins are unknown.

His wife is unknown, but the following excerpt from The Great Migration is interesting because both William Warner and Simons Stone are my 10th great grandfathers :

“Richard Lumkin and Sarah Baker were married at Boxted, Essex, on 20 October 1614.  After Lumkin's death, Sarah married SIMON STONE {1635, Watertown} [Great Migration 2:6:553-58].  In her will of 25 March 1663, "Sarah Stone wife of Simon Stone of Watertowne... and the relict of Richard Lumkin deceased sometime of Boxstead in the County of Essex,  in England and last of all Ipswich in New England" ordered that the residue of her estate "be equally divided between my kinsmen John Warner, Daniel Warner, and Thomas Wells" and made these three men her executors [Middlesex County Probate Records 2:128-30, Case #21723].  Given this close connection between Sarah (Baker) (Lumpkin) Stone and the children of William Warner, and the baptism of the tow children of William Warner at Boxted, most writers have proposed that William Warner married a sister of Sarah, but no further evidence has emerged which would confirm that this is the precise relationship between the two families.”

Besides these interesting controversies over William Warner’s origins and the possible identity of his wife, not much else is known about him.  He was made a freeman in Ipswich by 1638 and he received one of the original 1635 grants of land.  In 1637 he was granted a house lot and farm land.  He left no will, and no tombstone, nor a death record.

For more information on the WARNER family:

“Posterity of William Warner, one of the Early Settlers of Ipswich, Massachusetts”,  in the New England Historic Genealogical Society Register, Volume 20 (1866), pages 64 -66

The Great Migration, by Robert Charles Anderson, Volume VII T-Y, pages 243 – 247.

You may also want to consult with a manuscript “Research on William Warner” by Elizabeth L. Nichols, call number Mss C3457 in the R. Stanton Avery Special Collections at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. These are the typed research and charts on several men in New England all named William Warner.

My WARNER genealogy:

Generation 1: William Warner, baptized 10 March 1586 in Boxted, died before 1648 in Ipswich, Massachusetts; married about 1611 to Unknown – possible surname Baker.  Five children.
Generation 2: Abigail Warner, born 2 June 1614 in Boxted, died 22 July 1671 in Ipswich; married before 1636 to Thomas Wells.  He was born about 1605 in England and died 26 October 1666 in Ipswich.  Seven children.

Generation 3: Elizabeth Wells m. John Burnham ( I descend from three of their nine children)

Lineage A:

Generation 4:  John Burnham m. Sarah Choate
Generation 5: J ohn Burnham m. Rachel Smith
Generation 6:  Dorothy Burnham m. Abner Poland
Generation 7:  Abner Poland m. Sarah Burnham
Generation 8:  Sally Poland m. Henry Burnham
Generation 9: Sarah Ann Burnham m. Samuel Mears
Generation 10: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen
Generation 11: Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 12: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandmother)

Lineage B:

Generation 6:  Thomas Burnham m. Susannah Boardman
Generation 7: Stephen Burnham m. Mary Andrews
Generation 8: Joshua Burnham m. Jemima Wyman
Generation 9: Jemima Burnham m. Romanus Emerson
Generation 10: George Emerson m. Mary Esther Younger
Generation 11: Mary Katharine Emerson m.  George E. Batchelder
Generation 12: Carrie Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen (see above)

Lineage C:

Generation 4:   David Burnham m. Elizabeth Perkins

Lineage C1:
Generation 5:  David Burnham m. Elizabeth Marshall
Generation 6: Amos Burnham m. Sarah Giddings
Generation 7: Judith Burnham m. Joseph Allen (see above)

Lineage C2:
Generation 5:  Westley Burnham m. Deborah Story

Lineage C2a:
Generation 6: Westley Burnham m. Molly Woodbury
Generation 7: Henry Burnham m. Sally Poland (see above)

Lineage C2b:
Generation 6: Sarah Burnham m. Abner Poland
Generation 7: Sally Poland m. Henry Burnham (see above)

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