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Surname Saturday ~ DANE of Roxbury and Andover, Massachusetts

North Parish Church, Andover, Massachusetts
Founded in 1645, and where the
Reverend Francis Dane was the 2nd minister

The first DANE in this lineage to come to the New World was John Dane (about 1587 – 1658) who settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts from Essex, England.  He arrived about 1636 with his children Elizabeth and John, and later married the widow of William Chandler.   He was a chirurgeon (surgeon) in Roxbury and Ipswich. His son John was also a surgeon in Roxbury. You can read John Dane’s diary at this link:

I descend from the younger son, Reverend Francis Dane (1615 – 1697).  He matriculated at King’s College in Cambridge, England in 1633.  He was ordained in 1648 and was the second minister of the church in Andover, Massachusetts.  He began a school and was minister for 44 years when the Salem witch hysteria began in 1692.  He and Thomas Barnard wrote a letter signed by 24 Andover residents condemning the trials.  This caused Dane and half a dozen of his relatives to be accused as witches.  Included in those arrested were his daughters Elizabeth Dane Johnson and Abigail Dane Faulkner, and daughter-in-law, Deliverance Haseltine Dane.  His two granddaughters, Abigail and Dorothy Faulkner were also arrested. (His daughter, Hannh, my ancestress, seems to have escaped suspicion). He bravely continued to preach against the witch hunt, and fortunately none of his kin were hung.  He died a few years later in 1697.

“May the Lord direct and guide those that are in place, and give us all submissive wills, and let the Lord do with me and mine what seems good in his own eyes.”  Rev. Francis Dane, 1692.

There has been much published about this family, Rev. Dane and the Salem Witch Trials, but if you are truly curious about more information on the DANE family, here are a few suggestions:

Genealogical Directory of the First Settlers of New England Showing Three Generations of those who came before May 1692 on the basis of farmers register, by James Savage, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1990, Volume II, page 6 and 7.

History of Andover from its Settlement to 1829, by Abiel Abbott, 1829

The Annals of Salem, by Joseph B. Felt, 1827

Salem Witchcraft by Enders A. Robinson, 1992

“Early Records of the Dane Family of Andover” compiled by Charlotte Helen Abbott, a manuscript at the Memorial Hall Library (Andover Public Library) also available online at     

“A Declaration of Remarkable Providences in the Course of my Life” by John Dane, The New England Historic and Genealogical Society Register, Volume VIII (1854), pages 149-156. The original manuscript is kept at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston.

My DANE genealogy:

Generation 1:   John Dane was from Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, England and died in Roxbury, Massachusetts on 14 September 1658; married first to Frances Bowyer about 1606 in England and had four children.  She died about 1641 in Roxbury and John married second to Annis Bayford, the widow of William Chandler, on 2 July 1643 in Roxbury. No children by the second marriage.

Generation 2:  Reverend Francis Dane, born about 1615 in England, died 17 February 1697 in Andover, Massachusetts.  He married first to Elizabeth Ingalls, daughter of Edmund Ingalls and Ann Tripp about 1639 and had nine children.  She died on 9 June 1676 in Andover and he married second to Mary Thomas on 21 September 1677.  She died on 18 February 1689 and he married third to Hannah Chandler, his step sister, daughter of William Chandler and Annis Bayford about 1690. 

Generation 3: Hannah Dane, born about 1648 in Andover; married on 14 November 1666 in Ipswich, Massachusetts to William Goodhue, son of William Goodhue and Margery Watson.  He was born about 1645 and died 12 October 1712.  Eleven children.

Generation 4: Bethiah Goodhue m. Benjamin Marshall
Generation 5: Elizabeth Marshall m. David Burnham
Generation 6: Amos Burnham m. Sarah Giddings
Generation 7: Judith Burnham m. Joseph Allen
Generation 8: Joseph Allen m. Orpha Andrews
Generation 9:  Joseph Gilman Allen m. Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 10:  Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 11:  Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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  1. You may be interested in this very moving (at least for a published genealogy) account of Francis Dane's nephew, James Howe, Jr:

    James's mother was my ancestor, Elizabeth Dane (Francis Dane's sister); his wife, Elizabeth Jackson Howe, was the Elizabeth Howe who was hung as a witch in 1692.

    Coincidently in the mid-1800s in Bridgton, Maine, a descendant of the Perley family (Samuel Perley was the main accuser of Elizabeth Howe) adopted my orphaned gr-gr-grandmother and her sister (descendants of the Dane, Howe, and Barnard families).