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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Hoogerzeil and Sorenson

This cemetery plot was photographed at the Central Cemetery in Beverly, Massachusetts.  Peter Hoogerzeil, son of Peter Hoogerzeil of the Netherlands and Eunice Stone of Beverly, was born on 24 June 1841 in Beverly and died 10 May 1908 in Beverly.  On 14 March 1870 in Beverly he married Mary Etta Healey, daughter of Joseph Edwin Healey and Matilda Weston.  They were my 2nd great grandparents and they had six children:

1.  Florence Etta Hoogerzeil, my great grandmother.  She was born 20 August 1871 in Beverly, and she married Arthur Treadwell Hitchings.  She died on 10 February 1941 in Hamilton, Massachusetts.  She is not buried here.

2. Lillie May Hoogerzeil. She was born on 29 September 1872 in Beverly and died on 17 May 1874 in Beverly.  She is not buried in this plot.  Since she was less than 8 months old when she died perhaps she is buried in the infant section of this cemetery?

3.  Alonzo Hoogerzeil, born 29 May 1875 in Beverly and died 23 January 1946 in Beverly.  He was married to Mabel Thurston Cressey, who died in 1951 in Salem.  He is listed in the 1930 census as divorced.  He is buried here without his wife or children.

4.  Edward Peter Hoogerzeil, born 27 July 1877 in Beverly, and died 11 October 1907 in Beverly of "hemiplegia" (paralysis of half the body).  He was unmarried and is buried here.

5.  Lucy May Hoogerzeil, born 18 June 1882 in Beverly, died 3 September 1931 in Beverly.  She died unmarried and is buried here.

6.  Isabel Hoogerzeil, born 3 August 1888 in Beverly, and died 29 February 1960 in Beverly.  She was married to George Sorenson, a Norwegian immigrant, and they had no children.  They are both buried here.

PETER              MARY

GEORGE             ISABEL

From the side you can see that the smaller stones
in this family plot have sunk and are unreadable

The Hoogerzeil/Sorenson plot is #2 on this map, highlighted in pink

A detail of the map above.
The Hoogerzeil-Sorenson plot is outlined in pink

No. 261  Sub-Div No. 7  ---------- Avenue   Endowed
Name:  Peter Hogerzeil

Interments                                                           Removals
Month  Day  Year                 Name                     Age                             
                                                   Yrs. Months         
 -  11   1907  1.  Edward P. Hogerzeil         30  2                             
4  10  1909   2.   Peter Hoogerzeil               65  10                          
           September 5  1931   3. Lucy M. Hoogerzeil          49 2                                                     
July 25 1932   4. Marietta Hoogerzeil          80 2                                
January 25 1946   5.  Alonzo Hoogerzeil           71 7                                      
August 11 1949   6. George Sorenson               79 7                                     
Mar 2 1960  7. Isabelle H. Sorenson          71  6                             

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  1. The fact that the first recorded burial in this plot is in 1907 suggests that it would have been purchased not long before. Lillie May was very likely buried in the plot of another relative, possibly in another cemetery.