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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Four Small Children

These tombstones were photographed at Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, New Hampshire.

memory of two
Children, a son & dau. of
Lieut. Benjamin & Mrs. Mary

Sarah died Sept                  Noah died Sept
11th 1798 in the 7th           16th 1798 in the 5th
Year of her age.             Year of his age.

In memory of
Leonard Farley
Son of Lieut. Benjamin
& Mrs. Mary Farley
who died Sept. 27th
1796 Aged 4 days.

(To me this little carving looks like a child in a coffin)

[the stone on the right side]

memory of
Caleb, Son of Lieut.
Benj & Mrs. Mary
Farley, who died
July 26, 1825
AEt. 14.

These four children of Benjamin and Mary Farley all died young.  Two died within five days of each other.  Benjamin Farley was born 27 June 1763 and married Mary Blodgett of Dunstable on 15 February 1787 in Hollis, New Hampshire.  They had nine children, and only four lived to adulthood and married.  Another child, also named Sarah, lived only from 1807 - 1822. 

Benjamin and Mary Farley lived at the Four Corners on the house property that is now the Country Kitchen restaurant in Hollis.  It is located at the intersection of Routes 130 and 122 (Proctor Hill Road and Silver Lake Road).  You can read all about their house at this link:  http://www.hollisnh.org/windowsonhollispast/historicSites/sitesAcrossHollis/sites/052-022.htm 

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  1. Heather, these photos are particularly touching. When I see children's stones, I know the parents' feelings would be just like ours today.

    Thanks for posting these!

    1. That's exactly how I felt! I just had to take a photo, even though the stones weren't particularly photogenic, or old, or unusual. Children's gravestones always make me think of the untold stories behind the scenes.