Friday, February 13, 2015

A Romantic Poem by Robert Dinsmoor ~ The Rustic Bard of Windham, New Hampshire

I've blogged about Robert Dinsmoor (1757-1836) before.  You can read about him HERE.  He was the farmer poet of Windham, New Hampshire known in his day as the "Rustic Bard".  Remember that he was descended from Ulster Presbyterians and some of the original Nutfield Settlers, so his poems should be read with a Scots accent in mind.  Just like some of the rhyming epitaphs in Derry, New Hampshire's Forest Hill Cemetery.  If you read them aloud with a Scots accent, suddenly they rhyme perfectly!

Last year for Valentine's Day I posted a poem by Dinsmoor to his wife, Mary Park who was also known as Molly.  You can read it and the story of their relationship HERE.   I found another love poem to Mary written by Dinsmoor, in the acrostic style.  This reminded me so much of poems written by school children on Valentine's Day that I decided to post it today.  Of course, Dinsmoor's acrostic to Mary was much more sophisticated than the ones you usually see on a Valentine's Day card. 

My love is like the morning fair,
Alluring to my sight ;
Resistless all her graces are,
Young, beautiful, and bright ! 

Possessing still a virtuous mind,
And innocently gay ;
Replete with sense, to peace inclin'd,
Keeps anxious cares away. 

Revolving suns around shall play,
On wings aerial bring the day
Bestows on me my wife !
Embraced within her arm's I'll rest,
Renew sweet raptures in my breast,
To bless my fleeting life ! 

Dear cords of friendship shall us bind,
In love as strong as death ;
Nor shall our hearts a rival find,
So long as we have breath. 

May Heav'n approve the passion then,
On which such friendship grew ;
Oh ! may some faithful Angel's pen
Record our love so true !

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  1. Thanks so much for a poem by Robert Dinsmoor. He married for a second time, the widow of Samuel Anderson, Mary Davidson Anderson. I wonder if he had time to write anything for her.