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Surname Saturday ~ ASHBY of Beverly, Massachusetts

The first ASHBY in this lineage is Edmund Ashby, born about 1640 and died about 1733.  It is unknown who his parents are, but perhaps he was kin to the Anthony Ashby who was living in Salem?  There is no proof they were related.  Edmund Ashby married Elinor Unknown and had seven children, the first one was recorded in Gloucester in 1682, and the others recorded in Beverly.

Edmund Ashby was recorded as being “formerly of Boston” when he was indentured to Samuel Graves of Ipswich in 1670, at age 27.  Samuel Graves (1628 - ?) was a hat weaver and felt maker, and also the husband of my 9th great grand aunt, Grace Beamsley.   He was married sometime prior to 1682 when his first child was born.  Administration was granted on his estate on 15 October 1733.

I descend from Edmund’s son, Ebenezer Ashby (1685 – 1718), my 6th great grandfather.   He married Margery Unknown about 1708 and had five children.  Ebenezer died on 21 March 1718 in Beverly, and his wife lived until 1751.  

Very little is known about these members of the Ashby family.  There are no Ashbys in the book New Englanders in the 1600s by Martin Hollick, no early Ashbys mentioned in the Beverly town histories, and very few vital records or court records in Essex County.  If you are researching the Ashbys of Beverly, Massachusetts, or if you have more information, I’d love to hear from you! 

My ASHBY genealogy:

Generation 1:  Edmund Ashby, born about 1640; married to Elinor Unknown, who died 10 January 1741 in Beverly, Massachusetts.  He had seven children.

Generation 2: Ebenezer Ashby, born 5 July 1685 in Beverly, died 21 March 1718 in Beverly; married about 1708 to Margery Unknown.  She died in 1751 in Beverly.  Margery, wife of Ebenezer, was baptized at the First Church in Beverly on 20 June 1708 “abt. 22 or 23 years old”.  They had five children, the last one born posthumously on 12 October 1718 after his father died on 21 March 1718.

Generation 3: Martha Ashby, born 12 October 1718 in Beverly, died 24 January 1802 in Beverly; married on 27 December 1759 in Beverly to Josiah Stone, the son of Josiah Stone and Dorithy Fuller.  He was born 18 October 1722 in Beverly and died before 20 March 1807 in Beverly.  They had only one child in the records, which seems a bit odd to me.  Are there more children?  He was married first to Mary Davis of Wells, Maine about 22 October 1748 in Beverly and had two daughters.

Generation 4:  Josiah Stone m. Susanna Hix
Generation 5:  Eunice Stone m.  Peter Hoogerzeil
Generation 6:  Peter Hoogerzeil m. Mary Etta Hoogerzeil
Generation 7:  Florence Etta Hoogerzeil m. Arthur Treadwell Hitchings
Generation 8:   Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)

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