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Surname Saturday ~ HICKS / HIX of Cape Cod and Beverly, Massachusetts

Susanna Hix (1768 – 1859), my 4th great grandmother, was a mystery to me because I could not find a vital record that listed her parents.  It was not until I recently looked at the Beverly town clerk records and I found her parents, Abraham and Sarah Hix, listed with their children.  I also found a surprise that helped me find the origins of the parents!  I found a warning out in the town clerk records “Dec. 19, 1757, a warrant was issued to warn Abraham Hix to depart out of the town he being an inhabitant of Plimoth in the County of Plimoth”!

Apparently Abraham didn’t leave and return to Plymouth, for he appears in Captain John Tapley’s militia company in Beverly in 1758, and three children’s births were registered in Beverly in 1759, 1761 and Susanna in 1768. 

In researching the Plymouth records I found that Abraham Hix had been previously married to Bathsheba Donham on 11 July 1751 in Plymouth. Her death was recorded in Plymouth on 22 June 1756.  He must have removed to Beverly soon after this.

Abraham Hix appears to be the son of Abraham Hicks and Desire Trowbridge, who were married on 10 February 1723/24 in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  I have not found Abraham, Jr’s birth record in Falmouth, but there were three other siblings recorded there.  His wife, Sarah Matthews, my 5th great grandmother, is also a mystery.  I don’t know her origins, birth or death.  Interestingly, Sarah and Abraham were married on 18 May 1757 in Salem, New Hampshire.

I also found in the Beverly Town Clerk records that Susanna Hix had an illegitimate daughter with Josiah Lovett on 31 January 1790.  She married my 4th great grandfather, Captain Josiah Stone, on 25 January 1795 and had six children.  I have found no further records on the Lovett child. 
Susanna’s husband was a sea captain.  Family lore is that he was transporting a shipment of hemp from Rotterdam, Holland to the ropeworks in Salem and there was a young Dutch stowaway on board.  This young man, Peter Hoogerzeil, married his daughter, Eunice Stone, my 3rd great grandmother.

Is there anyone out there researching the HICKS / HIX family of Cape Cod and Plymouth?  I’d love to know the origins of Abraham Hix’s family.

My HICKS / HIX genealogy:

Generation 1:  Abraham Hicks married on 10 February 1723/24 in Falmouth, Massachusetts to Desire Trowbridge.  Four children.

Generation 2:  Abraham Hix, died about 1767 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married first to Bathsheba Donham on 11 July 1751 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; married second on 18 May 1757 in Salem, New Hampshire to Sarah Matthews and had three children born in Beverly.

Generation 3:  Susanna Hix, baptized on 17 January 1768 in Beverly, Massachusetts, died 30 May 1859 in Beverly; married on 25 January 1795 in Beverly to Captain Josiah Stone, the son of Josiah Stone and Martha Ashby.  They had six children.  

Generation 4:  Eunice Stone m. Peter Hoogerzeil
Generation 5:  Peter Hoogerzeil m. Mary Etta Healey
Generation 6:  Florence Etta Hoogerzeil m. Arthur Treadwell Hitchings
Generation 7:  Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)

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  1. Hi Heather - I have one Hicks in my tree, Lydia Hicks (1612-1663). She was not my direct ancestor, but rather the first wife of an ancestor, Edward Bangs. Her parents were Robert Hicks and Margaret Winslow who, I believe, were early immigrants to Plymouth. Robert and Margaret had nine children, so I wonder if this is the same family.