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Joseph N. Prescott "Octagon" House, Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester Historic Association Photoprint Collection 
Image #2000-500-096, “130 Mast Road, Octagon House”

There were three octagon shaped homes built in Manchester, New Hampshire by Orson Fowler.  The house at 130 Mast Road was built about 1858.   Another was built at 481 Hanover Street in 1885, and one at 585 Beech Street about 1890.  All these homes used masonry, brick or poured concrete.

Joseph N. Prescott was an overseer at the Amoskeag Mills and retired in 1850 to the village of Piscataquog (the area near Mast Road).   At the time he had his home built, Mast Road was mostly farmland.   He was listed as a farmer at this address in city directories.   He was born 17 March 1803, the son of William Prescott and Sally Young.  He married on 27 March 1827 to his cousin, Mary Smith, the daughter of Jonathan Smith and Joanna Young.

An octagon shaped house must have been a difficult house to build with Lego bricks.  This model of the Joseph N. Prescott House at 130 Mast Road is part of the permanent exhibit of Legos at the SEE Museum in the Millyard, which is much better known for the huge Lego replica of the millyard than for the examples of Manchester homes replicated in Lego bricks. 

More Manchester landmarks on exhibit at the SEE Museum in the Millyard

For more information:

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The Prescott Memorial: Or, A Genealogical Memoir of the Prescott Families in America, by William Prescott, Henry W. Dutton & Son, Boston, Massachusetts, 1870, Volume 1, page 415.

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