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Surname Saturday ~ PHIPPEN of Hingham and Boston, Massachusetts


I had a lot of fun going over my old notes on this PHIPPEN family.  I had originally researched this lineage over 30 years ago, before the Great Migration series had been published and before Martin Hollick wrote his newest edition of New Englanders in the 1600s.  There were many new articles on this family I was able to find to update my records.

David Phippen (about 1585 – 1650), my 10th great grandfather, was born in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England to a family that was recorded in a pedigree chart originally drawn up in 1768 by James Ford of Salem, Massachusetts.  According to the Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume V, pages 455 and 456, this chart was damaged in the Revolutionary War.  Copies were remade in 1808 from the original, and recopied again and published in 1868.  Robert Charles Anderson stated “Given the number of times this chart has been copied, and the number of generations it is removed from the seventeenth century, both human generations and document generations, we have chosen not to incorporate in this sketch any information on David Phippen and his family found only on this chart.”

We know that David Phippen was the son of Robert Fizpen alias Phippen of Weymouth, Dorsetshire, and that his brother, George Fizpen alias Phippen named him as “my brother David Phippen in New England” in his will dated 20 July 1650.  David Phippen was aboard the ship Recovery which sailed from Weymouth on 31 March 1634.  He was listed as “Davide Phippen” and sailed with his wife, Sarah, and children Joseph, Rebecca, Benjamin, Gamaliel, Sarah and George. 

David Phippen was admitted as a freeman in Hingham, Massachusetts on 3 March 1636, and he removed to Boston about 1641.  His will was probated on 31 October 1650.  His wife remarried to George Hull  on 11 July 1654 and removed to Fairfield, Connecticut where she died before 25 August 1659, the date of her inventory.

David’s son Joseph (about 1615 – 1687) was my ninth great grandfather.  Apparently he was lost at sea because in the Great Migration book, Volume V,  page 454, there is a reference to a Suffolk County Deed 1:280 -81] in 1652 “Darathy Phippiney of Boston being in great want & distress, by reason of my husband’s absence and loss at sea,have for these causes & considerations me hereunto moving, especially for the relief of myself and children…”.  One of those children was Mary, my 8th great grandmother.

Mary Phippen married John Wallis, a settler in Maine.  I previously blogged about the WALLIS family HERE.   There was a sketch of the Phippen family in the journal The American Genealogist, see below, with this reference to Mary and John Wallis on page 7:

Mary, bapt. at Hingham, 5 Mar. 1643/4; m. JOHN WALLIS, a fisherman, of Falmouth and Purpooduck; Selectman, 1674, and 1680; took refuge from the Indian War in Gloucester, Mass., where he d. 13 Sept. 1690.  His widow and son Josiah gave administration bond, 29 Mar. 1691, with David Phippen [her brother] as surety.  The Phippen chart states "John Watti left four sons and five daughters.  By Mary Phippen."  The name Watti is unknown, and undoubtedly an error in reading and copying the original chart.  John Wallis was closely associated wiht the Phippens.  he and his wife Mary had nine children, as stated on the Phippen chart, towo of whom were named Joseph and Dorcas (after Mary's parents).  [again, the chart referenced here with the mistake on the name WALLIS is the same pedigree chart that Robert Anderson doubted to reference above in his work The Great Migration because it had been copied too many times with mistakes].

For more information on the PHIPPEN family:

Fizpen or Phippen and Allied Families, by George D. Phippen, Salem, Massachusetts, 1870

 History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, by Donald Lines Jacobus, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1991, Volume 1, pages 207 and 476.

The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, by Robert Charles Anderson, Volume V, pages 451- 456. 

The American Genealogist, Volume 17, pages 1 – 19

The PHIPPEN genealogy:

Generation 1: David Phippen, son of Robert Fitzpen alias Phippen and Cecile Jordan, born about 1585 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England, died before 31 October 1650 in Boston, Massachusetts; married to Sarah Unknown.  She remarried to George Hull and died before 25 August 1659 in Fairfield, Connecticut. Eight children.

Generation 2:  Joseph Phippen, born about 1615 in England, died about 1652; married to Dorothy or Dorcas, six children. 

Generation 3:  Mary Phippen, born before 5 March 1643/44 in Hingham, Massachusetts; married about 1660 to John Wallis.  He was born about 1627 probably in Cornwall, and died 13 September 1690 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Nine children.

Generation 4:  James Wallis married Martha Stanford
Generation 5:  Elizabeth Wallis married John Andrews
Generation 6:  John Andrews married Martha Cogswell
Generation 7:  James Andrews married Lucy Presson
Generation 8:  Orpha Andrews married Joseph Allen
Generation 9:  Joseph Gilman Allen married Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 10:  Joseph Elmer Allen married Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 11 :  Stanley Elmer Allen married Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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