Monday, December 17, 2012

Not exactly a Barn Raising, but just as historical...

The carriage shed will be attached to the north side of
the Parmenter Barn at the Londonderry Historical Society
museum complex on Pillsbury Road

The Londonderry Historical Society has had an 1800 carriage shed in storage for many years, waiting for the funds to reconstruct it next to the Parmenter Barn at the museum complex on Pillsbury Road.  The posts and beams were deconstructed and carefully labeled with numbers.  The doors and other parts are all in storage, too.  This carriage shed originally stood at the Ned Reynolds homestead on 42 Litchfield Road.

Several years ago, when the Reverend Morrison house foundation was poured, the foundations for the carriage shed were poured next to the Parmenter Barn.  It has stood waiting for the carriage shed to be re-built while the Rev. Morrison house was started first.  Just this year Benson’s Lumber donated the manpower and materials to start the reconstruction project.  Last month they made progress reconstructing the wall beams.  Several of the 200 years old beams will have to be rebuilt or reworked because of rot.  The project will progress in phases as funds allow. 

Old Roman numerals are carved into the beams
the metal tags are a newer numbering system to
aid in reconstructing the post and beam structure

Traditional methods are being used in the reconstruction

Historical Society website says “The best part is that when the job is done we will have our barn back”.   The barn has been full of beams and parts of the carriage house, and unusable for events and activities. When the carriage shed it back up, a one-horse buggy, a racing sulky and a paint decorated  sleigh will be on display. It will be a great addition to the Morrison house, barn and blacksmith shop already part of the museum complex.  The Reverend Morrison house project will be a much larger, and more costly project to finish in the future. 

Londonderry Historical Society 

To make a donation towards the raising of the carriage shed or the Reverend Morrison House:

Londonderry Historical Society
PO Box 136
Londonderry, NH 03053

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