Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weathervane Wednesday ~ Brought to you by the Letter "F"

I've been photographing the weather vanes in the historic area of Nutfield, New Hampshire.  Some are historic, others are just whimsical, but all are interesting! Nutfield used to be where Derry and Londonderry are located today, but also covered Windham and parts of Hudson and Manchester, New Hampshire.   Today's weathervane is in Manchester.
Do you know the location of weathervane #75?   Scroll down to see the answer.

This odd weather vane topped with the fancy letter "F" was seen atop the Friendly's restaurant on South Willow Street in Manchester.  How many times have you driven by a Friendly's restaurant and never noticed this weather vane?  If there is a Friendly's near you, perhaps it has the same (or similar) weathervane. The first Friendly's restaurant was opened in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1935.  They are famous for their ice cream, but also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Friendly's website

To see the entire series of all 75 weathervanes, click at this link:


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  1. I haven't seen a Friendly's in a long time, since I moved to the West Coast. They were a mainstay of my childhood.