Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Cow on a Birdhouse?

I've been photographing the weather vanes in the historic area of Nutfield, New Hampshire.  Nutfield used to be where Derry and Londonderry are located today, but also covered Windham and parts of Hudson and Manchester, New Hampshire.   Today's weathervane is in Londonderry.

Do you know the location of weathervane #74?   Scroll down to see the answer.

A cow up on top! 

Today's weathervane is located in Londonderry, at the house on the Kendall Pond Dam at the intersection of Kendall Pond and South Roads.  The homeowner told me that the birdhouse was built in 1917, and so this weathervane is 95 years old.  The house is much older than the birdhouse.  There is a description of the home, and the area around the dam, in Volume III of Early Londonderry: Tidbits and Historical Sketches, by the Londonderry Historical Society, 1968.  According to this book, many of the farms near the dam were cattle farms, which is probably why the weathervane has a cow up on top. 

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