Thursday, December 6, 2012

Podcasts, Radio Shows and Online Classes

So, you don’t have time to take a genealogy class?  Nor do you have time to read all those helpful genealogy blogs and how-to websites?  Lucky you!  There is now an alternative!

This year there has been a boom in audio versions of genealogy information online. First,  I’ll list podcasts below, starting with the newest.  You can listen to these while driving, doing housework or relaxing at home.  Now you have no excuse for not learning something new today.

1.)   Fieldstone Common -   is hosted by genealogist Marian Pierre-Louis of Massachusetts.  Her show topics focus on genealogy and history of New England and is broadcast every Thursday at 1PM for an hour.  Don’t worry if you miss the live show (which usually features call-in prizes), each show is recorded and available as a podcast (to listen to online or download to your computer or iTunes)

2.)    Check Blog Talk Radio at for other genealogy related shows
A.)   The Forget-Me-Not Hour    First Wednesday of each month 10AM
B.)    My Society by the Federation of Genealogical Societies Saturdays 2PM
C.)    Bernice Bennett – Thursdays at 8PM

3.)    Genealogy Gems is a podcast by genealogist Lisa Louise Cooke “Your Family History Show”.  Listen online or download to your computer or device.

4.)    The Genealogy Guys  “The longest running , regularly produced genealogy podcast in the world”  hosted by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith.  A monthly podcast of news from the genealogy industry, advice, and lessons in genealogy research.   Listen online or download.

This second list is of online classes and webinars.  The internet is full of places to take online classes, which can be audio only, video, and webinars which allow you to ask questions of the instructor and receive immediate feedback.   Most of these are free, but some require modest fees. They are hosted by genealogy industry leaders such as, Family Tree Magazine, genealogical societies, and individual genealogists.   

You can find a very good calendar of these at GeneaWebinars at the website   Some of the webinars are archived so you can watch them later, but most are live only.    Watch alone at home or with a friend.  Most of these are set up so they can be broadcast to a genealogy club, lineage society meeting or school classroom long distance, which would be a fun event for libraries or schools. offers online free classes at

Family Search offers hundreds of free online classes covering basic genealogy skills, advanced level research, ethnic research, and how to use documents, archives and all sorts of reference materials and finding aids at offers online classes, too, beginner and advanced levels.  A subscription is required, or you may be able to view these videos through your local library’s subscription. 


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