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Surname Saturday ~ Bullard of Watertown, Massachusetts


George Bullard became a freeman in Watertown, Massachusetts on 13 May 1641.  His land was next door to a Robert Bullard, his brother. His mother was Grace Bignett who died about 1629 in England and names her children in her will.  The names of her four sons disappear from English records about the same time they appear in New England. George and Robert Bullard lived in Watertown, and William settled in Dedham, and John in Medfield, Massachusetts.  This is a case where the myth "four brothers came to America" really is true!

George’s first wife Margaret died in Watertown at the same time as the birth of a daughter named Mary.  He married second to “Beatrice Hall, now wife of one George Bullard of Watertown” who was dismissed from the church of Boston to Watertown on 17 November 1644.  He had four children with Beatrice.  He married third to the widow Mary Marplehead. 

My descent from the Bullards daughters out in the first generations, when Sarah Bullard (1645 – 1722) married John Ball of Watertown and they had nine children.

For more information on the Bullard’s of Watertown see the New England Historic Genealogical Society Register, Volume 154, page 172 – 188, “The English Bullard Family Revisited and their Bignett Connection” by Clifford Stott and Myrtle Steves Hyde.  There is a mention in Henry Bond’s Genealogies of Watertown, page 147.   There is also a book Bullard and Allied Families, by Edgar J. Bullard, 1930.

My Bullard Genealogy:

Generation 1:  George Bullard, son of William Bullard and Grace Bignett,  born about 1607 in Barnham, Suffolk, England, died 14 January 1699 in Watertown, Massachusetts; married first to Margaret, married second to Beatrice Hall about 1640; married third to Mary Marplehead on 30 April 1655 in Watertown.

Generation 2:  Sarah Bullard, born 1645, died 8 May 1722 in Watertown; married on 17 August 1665 to John Ball, son of John Ball and Elizabeth Peirce, born 1644 at Watertown, died 8 May 1722.  Nine children.

Generation 3: Daniel Ball m. Mary Earl
Generation 4: Mary Ball m. Joseph Mixer
Generation 5: Lucy Mixer m. Andrew Munroe
Generation 6: Andrew Munroe m. Ruth Simonds
Generation 7: Luther Simonds Munroe m. Olive Flint
Generation 8: Phebe Cross Munroe m. Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 9: Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 10: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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  1. I'm in awe of all your historical/genealogical information. I've heard it's easier to find in New England, but this is amazing. In our family we have a legend that "three brothers came to America," but there the legend ends. They were Irish, or English, or Scots, or Welsh. They were prisoners or they were buyers of land. We just follow the names we can latch onto, starting late 1700s. Someday I'll beat my head against a few more brick walls!