Monday, December 24, 2012

Top Ten 2012

Every year I publish the following stats in late December.  It’s interesting to see what people are Googling and which posts elicit the most comments.  It’s also fun to see what people enjoyed reading and sharing.  Maybe you will find something here you missed reading the first time around!

Thank you to everyone who read my blog this year, and thanks for the comments, too! 

Top Referring Web Sites:
  1.     Google  (no surprise)
  2.      Facebook
  3.       Bing
  4.       Yahoo
  5.       Networked Blogs
  6. (links from other posts I suppose)
  7. (Thanks, Randy!)
  9.  (Google+)
10.  (Thanks to my British readers!)

Top Posts of the past Three Years:
  1.       Surname to 9 Generation (It’s a page, not a post, but with over 6,000 hits in 3 years)

  2.       Descendants of Thomas Wilkinson (another page, but with over 3,000 hits in 2 years)

  3.       Hezekiah Wyman and the Legend of the White Horseman (nearly 2,000 hits since last year)

  4.       Pinterest, Ancestry and Copyrighted Images

  5.       1940 Sneak Peek for Genealogists (posted on 16 April 2011, a year before the big census event!)

  6.      My Mayflower Passengers  - (this was fun because so many bloggers participated with me!)

7.       And then what happens to their Websites?
  8.       The Carole Brinkman Unsolved Murder Mystery

  9.       Pirate Thomas Tew ~ Guest Post  (Thanks,  guest blogger John Tew!)

  10.   Publishing a Book for my Blog

Top Searches of the past Three Years:
  1.       White Horse
  2.       Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa
  3.       Nutfield Genealogy
  4.       Thanksgiving Proclamation
  5.       1940 Census
  6.       Villar de Ciervo Salamanca
  7.       William Dawes
  8.       Josie Langmaid
  9.       Born Fighting Scots Irish
  10.   Duchess of Alba   (see number 2)

Top Posts with comments 2012 only:
 1.       Happy Blogoversary
  2.       Who owned Melissa’s Trunk
  3.       Untangling a Blog Mistake
  4.       Weird search Terms for my Blog
  5.       Yes, I’m a Closet 1940s Music Fan!  Are you?
  6.       Pinterest for Genealogy
  7.       That Little Notch on the Massachusetts Border…

Copyright 2012, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. I always love your top 10s, Heather! Congrats on another great year!

  2. And thank you for the many great posts! May 2013 be filled with genealogical treasures!

  3. That's a fun list. I might have to try it next year!