Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weird Search Terms February 2013

OK, it's been more than six months since I've published one of my "weird search term" lists. These are actual searches from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. that have hit my blog since the last time I posted a list.  These are found just casually when I happen to be perusing my blog statistics.  I often wonder what weird and wonderful things people are searching for on the internet when I'm not looking!

Google                                                My Comment

Nutfield nh map 1620                                            Sorry, didn’t exist in 1620
kennedy lake park salem new Hampshire                It’s “Canobie Lake Park”.  Even so, this got to my blog
Vanzetti in colonial Boston -                                  Really?
Nutfield NH coins gold proof                                  Who is minting money down in their cellar?
History of “salmon and pees”                                  OK, I admit that I wrote about salmon and peas, but this one makes me laugh
Photo of salem witch hanging                                  Not unless you are a time traveler
Stne neage of newhamphire                                     I’m guessing this was “New Hampshire’s Stonehenge”?
Can you will your body to a descendant to use for ancestor worship?
                                                                                1) How did this end up on my blog?
                                                                                2)  Ewwwww!
                                                                                3) You just can’t make this stuff up!
Gum copal                                                               Did this one stump you? Two years ago I was googling “gum copal”
                                                                                too, after it came up on a census image.  So I wrote a blog post about
                                                                                my search for gum copal.  I just learned that the Peabody Essex 
                                                                                Museum’s Phillip’s Library googled it, too, and hit my blog. 
          Their comment:
“Thanks for this well-documented post. At the Phillips Library (at the Peabody Essex Museum) in Salem, MA, we just received a gift of two account books of Jonathan Whipple's. They describe in great detail his trade with various vendors in Zanzibar and other places in Africa for gum copal. Your information will be very helpful in cataloging these items.”  See this post at

Everyone wants a Mayflower Ancestor
Southwicks on Mayflower passenger list –          No, they weren’t!
Cassandra Southwick Mayflower                            No
Peter Folger Mayflower                                           No
John Winthrop Mayflower                                       Definitely No
Cabot ancestor on Mayflower 2nd trip                    Absolutely No.  The Mayflower made only one trip.
                                                                               (However, there were other ships with the same name)

Images searched online that actually landed on my blog website ….
1843 family pics -                                                  [does Google actually understand “pics”?]
Funny lobsters                                                        Strange looking, but not very good at telling jokes

Questions on Google?
“what happens to weathervane when horse race is over” – Can anyone answer this one for me?
“when did Uncle Ted fall through the ice?”              – When he was drunk?
“was my great great grandfather in the civil war?”    - Am I clairvoyant?
“why is Mack’s Apples closed?”                                - Ran out of apples?

 I’m beginning to feel like Jay Leno on one of his “Jaywalking” episodes.  Or a soothsayer.  Some of these questions are … well… is “bizarre” the correct word?
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  1. I love your commentary on the search terms! I think the "ancestor worship" one takes the cake.

    My blogs get some bizarre ones... ones about which I'd rather not engage in any sort of speculation.

  2. Really enjoyed this one!

    I liked the Kennedy Lake Park one since in the late 50s to about 1961 my family lived within walking distance through the woods opposite the entrance to Canobie Lake Park (in what was then called Salem Depot, NH). Every Saturday night during the summer we could watch and listen to the Canobie Lake Park fireworks from our bedroom windows. When I got my grandfather's 1913 diary about two years ago I discovered for the first time that he used to go to Canobie Lake Park from Phillips Andover when he was a student there.

  3. Those are hilarious! The one I keep getting is from the "open court sound spelling cards" that I posted on one blog in regard to the phonetic spelling of my ancestor's surname. It keeps getting hits.

  4. Heather: I listed this post in my Saturday Serendipity today at I hope it might help lead others to read this post. I also responded to your comment at Leaves For Trees about cemetery use by the living.

    1. I think that reply was for Heather Kunh Roelker, not Heather Rojo! Confusing now with two genealogy bloggers named Heather!

  5. Hilarious!!! Thanks for posting these. And your commentary, too.